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Artist: Cab Calloway
Cab Calloway Author
Song Title: Doin the Rhumba
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Gather round,
You get a thrill in your feet
That'll never be beat
When you're doin' the rhumba!

Hit the ground!
You'll find that everything shakes,
What a difference it makes
When you're doin' the rhumba!

Don't you stop,
Spin around again like a top!

What a dance,
Begin learning it now,
You'll be happy somehow,
When you're doin' the rhumba!

Take a chance,
Down in the valley they say,
Darkies wiggle and sway,
When you're doin' the rhumba!

You just
Wanna click those castanets!

What a dance,
Gets you right on the spot,
Swing out and get hot
When you're doing the rhumba!

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