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Artist: Cantrells
Song Title: Its All Yours
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There's a song that I wrote
And I wrote it for you
It's wrapped up in ribbons and packaging
If you open the box
I can't say what you'll find
You can take it on home
Put it up on the shelf
It's all yours
It's just a thing that I made
You can take it outside
And sit down in the shade
It's all yours

Oh, the melody comes from my heart
But the words are just words
You can take them apart
It's all yours
It's all yours

It's just a song that I wrote
But I wrote it for you
It's a kind of a last- minute gift
And I've had it awhile
Since I first saw you smile
Won't you take it with you
You can whirl it around
It's all yours
It's just a song for a lark
Take it out late at night
It might glow in the dark
It's all yours


It's all yours
It's all yours

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