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Artist: C-Bo
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Song Title: Forever Thuggin
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"All I ever wanted was to be a thug and hustlin was all I knew" 2x
C-bo: forvever thuggin

I keep my mind focus and risin above skys
Thug til i die slang drugs til I ride
Will I ever fly or will I die from a drive by
Witness my victims ride til they die
Dear LORD will you ever forgive a nigga's sin
Cause I stay surrounded with trigger men
and it's on til they kill again
I'm in the finest clothes, fucking the finest hoes,
pushing the finest loads
I'ma thug by nature they got these
Muthafuckin feds hittin a nigga on his pager
They got me trapped in Seattle sleepness
Try to blame me for my homie's death
I'll make you muthafuckas reap this
And any niggas want to ride on me
Set fourth and you could die on me
Bullets fly like the fourth of July torches in the sky
Watch em grow in the park and die forever thuggin

Chorus: 2x

You niggas wanna see me falled off get caught up and haulled off
Become a victim of a sawed off
Life's been full of trifes in ways but soon I see better days
Pass my pistol in weigh with better ways
Stay away from all this madness
And all these suckas looking at me evil wished they had this
Given through traffic something new
Protected by bullet proof close my eyes hoppin that is true
Thankin the LORD for all the stress he put me through
Teaching me right from wrong don't want to spend life from home
Hopin that I won't wrong from slangin keys bringing home g'z

Cause in the water it's so hard to breath
Plus the LORD for my baby girl got to get her ready for this crazy world
Ain't nuthin worse than a lazy girl got to get your mind right
First and learn to love school and believe in everything you do foreve

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