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Artist: Damu Ridas II (Bloods)
Song Title: Young Dogs With No Muzzle
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Pay close attention

Gangbangers only

No lollies, no ?volkas?, no yeez

No gilligan niggaz


It's the bottom of the ninth and I'm badder up

Side burns and gold teeth with bullet wounds to tatted up

Added it up while you sittin' here smilin'

Discussin' these chips while I sip off Long Island

Continue rhyming

At this rate I just keep climbing

But keep it mind

Fuck what you say and what you trying

You niggaz dyin'

I got this game on lock

And I'm patrollin' to get these money that make the Brougham hot

My lifestyle on these streets is easily provoked

And it's the same in this business with these Jewish folks

We callin' industry politicin'

Kinda similar to niggaz sellin' yay' and pimpin'

So stop your bitchin'

Wy heat you up, naw

He already burnt

A different lesson was learnt

Each corner he turned

Keep a count of what you say and do

Cause player just like you

The C.M.'s is my fans too


Now, look who's back in the studio

Rough like sand paper but cooler than Coolio

Attitude of a gangsta: don't give a fuck

Got the strut of a hustler tryinna make a fast buck

I'm still into the same thang, down with the same gang

It's in my heart, other niggaz do it to gain fame

But not me

See I'ma ridin' till I'm Restin

In Peace, ?? that I'm packin' my Smith & Wesson

It's the young rebel

Born and raised to live in the ghetto

On some other shit

A.P.G. out on another level

Burgundy flaggin', pants saggin' on the 'Shaw

Blastin' on motherfuckers, disobeyin' the law

But we don't give a fuck, we break rules, takes fools

Disrespectin' niggaz in the - Avenue Piru


Just lost me

And cost me a grip

They wonder I trip and went and flip the whole script

Bloods & Crips bangin' heads

Claimin' blue or red, pullin' eighty-five percent

Sittin' in the ?Feds?

I shed enough tears in my youth time

Saw cops killed street soldiers in the truce time

Nigga my mind confused

Abused by the truth sold him a fucked up sack

Got him naked on the roof

Lord knows I want to let loose

Real bad blood pressure building up this bullshit got me mad

They say

Bangin' is a fad, it's a fad but it's a culture

My bedroom gettin' circled by some vultures

Ultra-sound bouncin' back, now we having twins

But where the fuck I'ma get my ends?


Some more piece to the puzzle

Young Dogs with no muzzle

Y.G.B.'s tryin' to bubble

Clips double tape

Bring the yellow tape (yeah)

The realest Bloods on tape today

Fuck y'all

Some more piece to the puzzle

Young Dogs with no muzzle

Y.G.B.'s tryin' to bubble

Clips double tape

Bring the yellow tape (yeah)

The realest Bloods on tape today

Fuck y'all


Nigga, I'm stuck

With no way to go

Full of gangbangers is known to scrap pimps and hoes

The world move fast if you chargin' a hoe

Since I'm bangin' on these streets I got to stay on my toes

I suppose to separate them from us

Hop out the car, scrap 'em up, pat 'em up

Guard they gat 'em up, gag it up

Because they start to stay

It's 'bout squabbles and rank

And just last how to drink

I'm 'bout to faint

I can't think, I'm livin' ??

Gold Daytons, dope dealin, wit' a gang of women

I'm sinnin' daily

But I don't really care

Fuck a dream it's more like a nightmare

I got nothing to lose, uh

Beach cruiser

On a handle bar extended

Clip Ruger

Shoot fly

Don't let it bother me

I hope it's dream cause I'm wanted for a robbery


From the County Jail Inglewood you can't fuck with it

And since I got courted, it's like I'm stuck with it

Young Gangsta Green Eyes, Nine-Deuce, Eight block

For sure, and I'm back with my true dog from the 1-0 to the 4

Lil' Hawk Y.G.

Now we both on the streets

So it's a must we bust

My nigga, and serve they ass heat

And I gots beef with Mack 10 cause your bitch-ass is a mark

You can meet me at Cen'nela

Rogers, or Darby Park

Cause it really don't matter, I'll bust a cap

And we the real niggaz who put Inglewood on the map

And every time I bee your ass, yo' ass goin' get mobbed

Remember when the big homie slapped you and put you on the head lock

But that's just some small shit that all bustas do

Mike Skee been down since 92 and ain't got one call from you

But I gots all my homies back to the day they parole

Inglewood up to Big Green Eyes and PD Wack up in hole

And every dog I roll with we's gon' representin' to the fullest, man

And ain't no nigga I was locked up can put salt on my name


Yep it's the Figueroa riders

Shoot 'em while they inside a...

Blue Butlas with the windows tinted couple of homies hit it

I heard y'all niggaz be trippin', y'all O.G's be trippin'

Cause y'all niggaz don't put no work in

For the turf

We from Figueroa to Woodworth (WOOP! WOOP!)

Flamed like Papa Smurf

Red beanies, red bhakis and red T-shirt

Oh you got nerve

What you serve with this gangsta shit

I stay lit off the Thunderbird, Cadillac, gettin' serve

Niggaz know the 84 pillow tucked

Bullet holes, windows bust, Braze from Lanes, I fuck shit up

For the broads and the YG's, OG's

D.T., Earth, Bam, Lil' Bee, Evil-Al, K-P

Hold yo' horses, of course B-Brazy a bust

I'm in a G-Ride bustin', first Crab I'm rushin'

Fuck them fool nigga, ooh, what you wanna do?

Hit their ass with the old school, rusty-ass Crabs deuce

Give them too if they bust a U, give 'em two

Save a few, in case you chase me down bust 'em with the last (WOOP WOOP)


Some more piece to the puzzle

Young Dogs with no muzzle

Y.G.B.'s tryin' to bubble

Clips double tape

Bring the yellow tape (yeah)

The realest Bloods on tape today

Fuck y'all

Some more piece to the puzzle

Young Dogs with no muzzle

Y.G.B.'s tryin' to bubble

Clips double tape

Bring the yellow tape (yeah)

The realest Bloods on tape today

Fuck y'all

Some more piece to the puzzle

Young Dogs with no muzzle

Y.G.B.'s tryin' to bubble

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