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Artist: Darkthrone
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Song Title: As Flittermice as Satans Spys
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Flittermice of Eld Unveiled at the plenilune
Fordone by Mournful rest now seeking to be fed again
Rising terrestrial power umbraged by celestial light
That Shineth Forth from the palace of god - the palace of no return

Flittermice of Eld they peer into the morrows,
They peer the yesteryears as thoose are coming back.
Beholding the son recrucified, beholding gods race browbeaten,
Beholding the Devastation of all mortals built by them.

Flittermice of Eld they fly to blaspheme yehova
and to build thei Temple (of the) Damned on once holy pleasure ground
A Fare to Rise the Flag (of Satan), to desseminate the races,
To build the Hall of Battle and to live in Eternal Strife

Flittermice come forth from the land beyond the forest
Maltifarious Winged Black Creatures slew the angels (up so) high.
Devestation, Blasphemy, Desecration, Unholy He
who Burned the face of god with the Eye of Our Master

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