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Artist: Daryl Hall John Oates
Song Title: Your Kiss Is On My List
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Well she takes her hair down slowly
And starts her ride
A silver Maranello baby
Up to the hills faster than light

She knows I shouldn’t be here, baby
It turns her on
There’s silk in her touch, gold in her kiss
My conscience is all but gone

She don’t believe in long term love
She just wanna hit and run this stuff
She’s the devil with an angel’s face
The kind of girl a man likes to taste
She’s gonna tear your world apart
She ain’t never gonna care for your heart
She goes for guys she should not have
I’ve been hit-yeah She’s Got Me Bad

She pours out pure temptation
Nice and strong
She leaves for a moment
Then returns in her shoes
Nothing else on

When I try to go
She stops me
And leads the way
There’s silk in her touch
Gold in her kiss
And heaven takes the doubt away

-Repeat chorus-

She makes me feel
Like I don’t really want to leave here, baby
But I know this girl, know this girl
Know that she’s the best in the whole damn world

She drives me wild, then it’s over
No she never wants to play, wants to play
Should have let my head rule my heart along the way
I really wanna know you

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