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Artist: Darzamat
Darzamat Author
Album: Oniriad (2003)
Darzamat - Oniriad Album
Song Title: Moon Has Imprisoned Me In Her Shine
Genre: Metal: Gothic
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I travel to find some calm
and every night I'm lost between
the flowers of my garden
and every night you run away
from me into the dark
I can see you
I can see you so close
you burn the flames you burn the heat
I melt the ice I shall be close so soon
the mask of ice is loosing greatful power
I'm next to you again so close
moon has imprisoned me in her shine
I follow the voice of my heart
lunatics never die
during the day I dream so beautifully as at night
during the day I think so dense as at night
during the day I picture you so much as at night
during the day I look for you so intense as at night

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