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Artist: Division Pansy
Song Title: Not Enough Of You To Go Around
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Well i have to kick back and laugh
Recalling stories about you
All your old friends still in town
Say nothing but good things about you
They all want you, just like i do
Theyre found what ive found
Theres not enough of you to go around
When your phone number came my way
It was the last thing i expected
But i had to crack a smile
When i found it disconnected
The months pass without contact
Used to it by now, cause
Theres not enough of you to go around
Times become long now
I wonder if youre forgetting
The new friends that youve found
Are sure to learn that lesson
They all love you, like i love you
Youre sweetest boy ive found
But theres not enough of you to go around
Theres not enough of you to go around
Theres not enough of you to go around

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