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Artist: Eddie From Ohio
Song Title: Fly South
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By the skeleton of nature we gauge its time to go
The last corps of my life we dodge the storm
We trace a path down 95 and merge with cousin flocks
All in hopes to keep our feathers warm

Fatigue has got the best of me
My wings have gotten sore
Im not prepared for long-term aviation
Im sleeping in tomorrow, so dont knock upon my door
I wont be falling in that flight formation.

Tell ya what Im gonna do
You might think Im bold
Dont like to travel
Dont mind the cold
Dont misread my intentions, but Mama, if you dont mind
You can fly south
Im staying behind.

Now I can be sentimental, there are some things Ill miss
The Carolina stops were good to me
And when you cross that Georgia line, please give em all my love
And to my robin friend from Tennessee.

But dont lead family to believe they wont see me no more
They just must understand its a vacation
Im sleeping in tomorrow, so dont knock upon my door
I wont be falling in that flight formation


When you get to Tallahassee, find that boy with the BB gun
That last year shot my brother from the sky
Track that yard rat down
And you make sure that he aint armed
And with all my best you can drop one in his eye.


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