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Artist: Faf Larage
Song Title: Why R U Keepin Secrets
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it was that day when we were playin soccer
i knew u were they one
y did u not realize that i was givin u the eye
i felt so good that i could fly

when i saw u that day i new i could have died
u were standing their with ur 6 pack
all cool and denied
i knew u were the one
but i dont know how to tell you

ive seen you every day
whenever your alone
my feelings get stronger
everytime i hear your name


when i went home that night
i had a dream about you
and it felt so real
i knew what i had to do

i knew u were the one for me
im glad i took that chance
or else we might not have been here today
smooches baby ur the only one for me

chorus x2

i loveeeeeee you~

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