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Artist: Fairyland
Song Title: The Storyteller
Genre: Metal: Power
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Hear me I'm the story teller

of knights and warriors I know many tales

"Their joyces and cries"

Around the fire, in the redening light

"I'll sing my song"

and tell everyone here

"About true heroes"

you'll know finally

"The end of this tale"

In the evening when the sun is down

"In the last hour of day"

I'll entertain the ones wishfull to hear

"These medieval tales"

And then in their sleeps, they'll remember days

"When lived the kings"

in their heroic times

"No one was in pain"

peace and happiness

"Rulled over the land

Far on the hills in the silence of dreams

the heart of all heroes will

sing in the name of our

Kingdom of gold magic lands of our hold

the wise and the faithfull could live there

and fullfill their quest of majesty

And then when the story will be over

"And when the fire burns out"

I will make my trip to farther lands

"To keep the legend alive"

maybe you'll forget me, but you never will

"Forget my tales

for your destinies

"Are tied to these legends

what was happening

"Will happen again"

Far on the hills in the silence of dreams

the heart of all heroes will

sing in the name of our

Kingdom of gold magic lands of our hold

the wise and the faithfull could live there

and fullfill their quest in their eternal majesty

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