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Artist: Fame Soundtrack
Song Title: I Want To Make Magic
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I want to make magic
I want to be bigger than I am
I wan to make people really care
Really give a damn

I want to make magic
I want to breathe fire on the stag
I want to make every single line
Jump right off the page

I want to make magic

I want to do it all from A to Z
I want to do "The Lion in Winter"
Brecht and Harold Pinter
Sophocles, Eugene O'Neil

I want to really see what I can be
Antoher Jason Robards or De Niro
Play a tragic hero
Go for it all and really show the way I feel

i want to make magic
I want to electrify the place
I want to be more than just a fool
With make up on his face
I want to make magic

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