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Artist: Far Cry
Song Title: Dear Queen
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All the men in that big world don?t live for sunshine but live for gold
But since i was lil' child I've been living in a hole for feelings I've never
Expected to have in heart
Expected to feel for a girl like you...

You were so lonely girl and I was so lonely guy
So the pullman went in to the road and our lips was closer
I was you prince
You were my dear queen...

Dear lady what you're doing to me?
Just lady, I can?t see
One day has born without any flight
But you turn my heart up to the sky
So lady listen to me...
One more time listen to me!
One more word listen to me!!
You were the only one and nothing else

So the summer come in to my sin and you left me behind the ?Madigan?
My heart couldn?t stop to cry and my soul couldn?t stop to feel blue...
Now I am nothing
You?re still my dear queen...

Dear friend what you wanna be?
Maybe a spaceman or something like that
If you wanna live alone and free don?t fall in the trick called ?love?
Coz she killed me, she?s my dark queen
Lady i?m waiting for you...

dear lady what you are doing with me
just lady, i can?t see
one day is born without any flight
but you turn my heart to the sky
so lady listen to me, one more time listen to me
one more word listen to me
you were the only one and nothing else

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