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Artist: Farrah
Song Title: Sofie So Fair
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She was barely out of school, when she first caught my eye
We passed out in my room, too drunk to say goodnight.
Sofie so fair, una una, oppe oppe, sofie so fair una oppe shoppe kloppe
Sofie so fair, una una, oppe oppe, come on sofie, spend some time with me.
I woke up feeling down, cos I knew I had to go
We dragged each other round then she showed me the sofie toast.
Sofie so fair, una una, oppe oppe, sofie so fair una oppe shoppe kloppe
Come on sofie, spend some time with me.
I never even kissed her until we said goodbye
And every day I missed her
But I know her drinking song and I know my right from wrong.
Sofie so fair, una una, oppe oppe, sofie so fair una oppe shoppe kloppe
Sofie so fair, una una, oppe oppe, come on sofie, spend some time with me.

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