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Artist: Fat Joe Da Gangsta
Song Title: Flow Joe
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Fat Joe]
Ahhhhhhh yeah!
Da Fat Gangsta

Chorus: repeat 2X

You gotta flow Joe you gotta flow Joe
You gotta gotta gotta gotta let em know Joe

[Fat Joe]
Bust it check it watch how I wreck it
Niggaz watch your back shit is gettin hectic
I catch vibes like Count Basie sucker won't face me
I'm so much flavor you can taste me
I'm underground like a gutter
You never catch me stutter everybody knows that I'm butter
I'm not the man with sensitivity
The name is Fat Joe, the label's Relativity, huh
I chop a rapper like a meat cleaver
I'm burnin hot, people think I have a fever, check it
If niggaz wanna front, then come widdit
If you're havin second thoughts, well then forget it, see
I dig in my crates, I don't per-pa-trates
I got shit sewn, like Billy Bathgate
Beware like Cocoa, yo I'm not a slow boat
Got so much dough I va-cate in Acapulco
Crazy as they come I'm not the one, we can do this
with the hands, or take it to the guns..
You know I can flow, the name is Fat Joe
I can flow, I can flow, I can flow


[Fat Joe]
Yeah, yeah
Everybody knows Fat Joe's in town
Nuff respect for the Boogie Down
I'm livin in the Bronx on an Ave called Trinity
My name rings bells, within the vicinity
Peace to the money makers always plottin mono
Together we gettin dough, just like Lucky Luciano
People always tell me, yo you're dope Joe
But I'm not a car, so I don't get gassed like Amoco
Never ate the paint, no I'm not a sucker
Never liked ? so to Hell with the ?rucker?
Always on my own never sweatin nobody
Warm up a crowd like a bottle of Bacardi
I can kick it this way, I can kick it thattaway
I kick a funky style, from New York to Pasquetaway
Suckers best scram
Now in ninety-three it's all about the Fat Man
Peace to Finesse, Showbiz and A.G.
Gizmo, Little Hec', and Kool Micskit (say what?)
My crew from Uptown
And if you mess around, then you'll catch a beatdown
See I got this in a smash
If a rapper steps up, he'll get smoked
like a blunt full of hash
My style of rap is legendary
Fuck with the man, then you'll end up in the cemetary
And that's word to Ma Duke
I never fake moves, I'll go out like a troop
So act like you know, the name is Fat Joe
I can flow, I can flow, I can flow


[Fat Joe]
See I rip the mic if you put me to a test
Troop it gets so bad, I make you wanna wear a vest
Cause I'm too hot to handle
Knockin niggaz out like ?Livingston Bramble?
Rappers come heavy, but yo I weigh a ton
I won't lose weight cause I'm not on the run
I'm on point like a sniper, hyper than the hyper
On the DL, overlooked by C-Cypher
Never get caught, I'm on top with my game
Flip a fat ride, there's no need for a train
Rappers come close, but they just can't make it
When it comes to the funk, you know I won't fake it
Peace to Serge, and my right hand Flex
And when I grab the mic nobody wants to rock next
The name is Fat Joe, cause Joe is livin Fat
Niggaz gettin jealous cause I got a contract
But I don't sweat it, I know the style is raw
You can't compare me to a cornball
And you know I kick game like a hottie
Now in ninety-three, they should free John Gotti
If you step, battle and I'm gonna mash your toes
You know I got the flow

Chorus 1.5X

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