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Artist: Fat Joe Da Gangsta
Song Title: Im a Hit That
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Baby come and see me I know you want to see me
The brothers out there fronting that only want to be me
They don't really have it yo missy you can grab it
So open nice and wide so I can start to stab it
Before I do my duty really knock the booty
I want to let you know you're a real hot cutie
Baby it's time I gotta go for mine
We can rub a dub or wine wine wine
I can take you up or be very gentle
Whatever you want, cause it's all in the mental
See, I'm a pour silver, all over your body
Get you real freaky, I know you love it, hottie
Baby, I'm a lick you, tell me does it tickle
I won't hit the skins if it smells like pickle
Smooth like butter, though I won't stutter
Sit on my lap if you really wanna
Get with the man who really knows how
To knock the boots, God bless the child
So don't try to front and give me your back
Cause you and I know I'm a hit that

"Skins, you got 'em" "Hit it!" (Repeat 4x)

Man I really love it, yo I really need it
I have a fat jimmy and I have to feed it
Sometimes I'm filled with humor, I know a girl named Zuma
We hit the sack once, then she started rumors
Telling all the chicks that I was really good
I'm big like a train, but I'm the man that could
Give you what you need, give you what you want
I guess I'm like Kenieval, cause yo I love stunts
We could get together, whatever is clever
I used to watch Dynasty just to see Heather
That was then, and now is now
And if Heather ever sees me, she'll scream "Wow"
The big man of rap, and even more nosey
I'm gonna flip, but yo I got hoes
Don't try to front and give me your back
Because you and I know I'm a hit that

"Skins, you got 'em" "Hit it!" (Repeat 8x

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