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Artist: Fat Man
Song Title: The Final Hour
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Welcome to my, house.
Say what you want!
Say it!

Come play the shell game with the Madman
And maybe you can win his bride
Or you can try for something better
You decide

Why dont you bet it all on Seven?
Your guess could be as good as mine
Just roll the bones, you could get lucky
For a time

I should be doing stuff
But Id rather put it off
Until the final hour

I should be doing stuff
But Id rather put it off
Until the final hour

Hello you've reached the Madman and me,
There is no one in the house right now
So, you what to do... Don't you?

Yes you can set your sights on Heaven
And theres no better time than now
Everybody walks away a winner
Dont ask how

Now that your luck has gotten colder
Perhaps youll tell me how it feels
To be the one who plays the Joker
Making deals

I should be doing stuff
But Id rather put it off
Until the final hour

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