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Artist: Fats Waller
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Song Title: Little Curly Hair In A Highchair
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Little Curly Hair In A High Chair
Fats Waller
Music and Lyrics by Charles Tobias and Nat Simon

Little curly hair in a high chair,
Whats your order for today?
Little curly hair in a high chair,
Ill do anything you say.
When youre near the room seems to brighten
The sun comes streaming through youre eyes,
Youre the reason they still keep writin?
All those tender lullabies.
Hm__ There you go!
Bangin?with your blocks,
Pullin?off your socks.
Hm__ There you go!
Tryin?to make your toes,
Touch your baby nose.
Heavens close to your chair and my chair,
when you smile the way you do.
Little curly hair in a high chair,
My day begins and ends with you.

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