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Artist: Fear
Song Title: Fresh Flesh
Genre: Rock: Punk-Rock
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Fresh flesh, slingin' down your street
Fresh flesh, won't you eat my meat
Fresh flesh, oozin' through the slime
Fresh flesh, and the city's mine, fresh flesh
Fresh Flesh
Under the subway ditch
Shoot down some old bitch
With nothin' else to do
I just might .... ... ..
I cuy you leg off man, drop me off downtown
Watch it crawl around, fresh flesh
Fresh flesh

I wanna fuck you to death
I wanna smell your breath
Piss on your warm embrace
I just wanna come in your face
I don't care if you're dead
And I don't care if you're erect
I don't care if you're all cut up
Blood on your flesh - fresh flesh
Fresh flesh

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