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Artist: Feenom Circle
Song Title: Nothing Yet
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How many emcees must get dissed?

Style upon style, main points get missed

I play a riff, to lead my own boat into a cliff

Crews drift, wholes songs composed float in limbo

Fo sho the invisible, souled separate like some syllables

[Raw J]

I'm from that crew you never heard

That cat that caught absurd looks, glances...

Whole perspective is truly unconcerned with shit that don't concern me

Knowin thangs is topsy-turvy

I stay uninvolved if it don't evolve

Past the point of dissolving in 2 feet of flood water

Holler out that I ain't shit and I won't disagree

Cause I'm still over here workin on me you see

[Side B]

Man I'm just a stranger to most, but the least you'd expect to

Hear jawzin on the mic about some nonsense

My economics got demands that ain't been met by supply

Shoppin blank resumes cuz these skills dont apply...

The unknown, unestablished, from the bottom of the totem

But testicle tarzans still be swingin on the scrotum

Even though I ain't got nothin to show yet

And there's a lot of thangs I just don't know yet


[Raw J]

I'm at the upper echelon spots with nuthin but rags

You flossed out but brotha please tuck in them price tags

Just tryin to slide like ice under a puck

An oxymoron emphasizing how you dont give a fuck!!!

[Side B]

Fool, I had a dream like Martin Luther the Ling

That one day I'd be somebody...

Hopin these songs would move more than just yo bodies...

Damn these big boodies got me losin my focus

And flashin on my duties, but even if time permitted

My credit won't approve, space is limited

But always got some room to improve

Side biz the Joe Schmoe tryin to stay above the average

With new school dropouts replacin old school graduates


it's fame or shame in this game, dudes or dames

I run my mouth over this mic but it seems like I'm runnin in place

And W-2's in my form when I claim

Plus this street hustle... man it ain't easy..

I got the paints to freelance

Gave up the freestyle stance...

It ain't shit at first glance just wait and see

Of you got half the vision, then that's more than enough

We out the roughs into the light I'm soon to be

I'm soon to be


[Side B]

see I ain't even made or been paid (NOTHIN YET)

and y'all ain't even seen or heard (NOTHIN YET)

cuz all I'm earnin stripes, so dont be surprised if you see me

on the block slangin these at a playa price


I'm wearin yesterdays apparel, got a barrel of bills

fresh fish underwater but I was born with no gills

no thrills amongst a school of fish just students of life

I swim polluted waters in search for a bite... without the hook

Without the strings attached, its down the hatch

Tope 1 be the bad apple of the batch...

It's like that when it comes to chasin a worm...

I'm gettin burned like a tabasco home perm

[Raw J]

And I'm the R to the S, brotha you guess the rest

but hangman games will draw blanks though

that's fo'shango...

Ain't gonna say that everybody knows who I is

But when you see me collar-poppin doin the electric slide

you'll be like "this brotha gets down for his"

Didn't pay good money just to stand on the wall

If you're too good to dance with me I'm like "FUCK ALL OF YALL!"


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