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Artist: Fesu
Song Title: 22 Ag
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(Get up) (get down)

It's so much pride in my mouth I can't chew it
If there's a short to take I've already been through it
At 13 I'm a grown man
Threw them cards on the table and dealt me a new hand
Dropped outta school and bought a gat
Now I'm lookin for a fool to spit this hellafied game at
No love for another
I'm fuckin sisters and daughters and old-ass grandmothers
Huh - jackin is the objective
I'm takin all, nigga, try and put that in perspective
Start hittin that glass, full of that fry
Down to make me a devil die
Now I'm lookin for a mate
I start datin a dopefiend and packin a .38
And hangin with the Jump Out Boyz, fool
Jumpin out on woods, gettin them hoes out our fuckin hood
Cause a nigga's from the 'Point see
Grew up in Acres Homes but that ain't where a nigga be
I guess I gotta choose
Cause I'm a grown man, huh, wearin little boy shoes

See, mama's been there for the rough ride
She gets much love, I got much time
To think about my life and all that stupid shit
Squabbin over shoes or burnin with a hard dick
I guess I'm gettin judged

God frownin on a nigga
Huh - that's what I figured
For every effect there's a cause
I got caught with my pants down wearin some dirty drawers
A nigga caught a case
Wrong black time, wrong black place
A pocked full of weed????
Who the fuck is that knockin on my fuckin do'?

(Damn ain't nothin cool about jail, man
Yo, ain't that Fesu over there?
Yo, what the fuck is you doin in here, man
What you do in here?)

No, no nicotine, no, no, not another dose
My brain is fried, hear the cries from a chrome I toast
Old school fiend, I'm stuck in a ce

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