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Artist: Fesu
Song Title: Uncut Funk
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Check this out

We gon' run this muthafucka here live

So ah - Warren, won't you get on the lead

And ah - Ron, won't you hit the bass

Mr. Loc, peep these lyrics

Check it

Since it's a new day, Fesu is gonna swing to a new beat

Hit the swisher sweet, then hit them streets to make them ends meet

A statistic token

My home's already broken

Takin a pull of that potent

To my click, I'm they road dog

A mutt in the street gettin full of that damn hog

Hangin on the cut with my niggaroes

Hittin licks and throw fuck on these deakin hoes

Cause I'm a local rap singer

So fuckin with chickenheads to Fe is just a misdemeanor

But in the 'Point you'll get what you want

A five dollar hit of this dope, or just some uncut funk

And you don't stop

A little live shit for ya

For the 9-4

And this is how it goes

Peep this shit here

Second verse

I can't get a job, cause I'm black

But I sho' need one, because my girlfriend's gettin fat

Mama's kickin me down with them ends

I love that woman, she gives me love in and out the pen

But I'm about to blow a fuckin fuse

Cause I'm a grown-ass man, but still wearin l'il boy shoes

I gotta get my act right

Takin a hit of that alright tryin to get my damn thoughts tight

Cause I really don't give a fuck

I need a break from reality, man, I need some uncut funk

See, I don't have any friends, only brothers

Cause friends'll fuck your gal, steal your money, then try to hustle ya

But me, you hoes gets none

Cause my brothers stand strong in the Fruit, Nation of Islam

Them woods tryin to see me

But I don't kiss white ass, damn devil, please believe me

Cause I'm a hard-ass nut to crack

You taught your niggas how to kneel and bow down, but not to fight back

I'm just trippin off these weed smokes

But watchin every goddamn move of these white folks

I can't sell my dope because you'll bust me

Unless I sell it to my own, then you don't touch me

But then again you a greedy bitch

Want me to sell yo dope to my people and make yo ass rich

I wanna break you off a proper chunk

Of this dick in yo mouth, bitch, and some uncut funk


This is how the niggas from Greenspoint kick it

So ah - I gotta shout out to my boys

Mr. Loc

That nigga King Daddy



And Dirt Cheek

The niggas down with the program

And ah - if you got a problem with Fe

Hook up with my attorney Warren X Fitzgerald

And you don't stop

Ron layin his muthafuckin bass

In yo face

Southpark in the house too, nigga

You know it

Fesu outta this bitch

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