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Artist: Fighting Jacks
Song Title: Your Lurking Shadow
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The party rages on that night

Thoughts trickle in my mind, remember it's my time

Bottled all my regrets inside

The cap is turning loose hold on and I refuse

With open eyes and two deaf ears

Lights are flashing bright, causing me to go blind

With you always stuck in my mind

Wherever I may go, you follow me around

I can see you I can know when you're around

Your attitude brings me down

I can feel you I can know when you're around

Your scent so close I can feel you

You crossed my double yellow line

Traffic caused to swerve, causing me to lose my nerve

The leaves are falling oh so bright

Falling round and round, turn brown when hit the ground

Your whispers ringing in my ear

Temptation growing near, you can smell the fear

With you always stuck in my thoughts

Wherever I may go, you follow me around

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