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Artist: Figurine
Song Title: So Futuristic
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it wasn't your perfume

no i don't think i sensed it

it wasn't your wristwatch

and ??? those digits

it wasn't your handbag

though i don't think you hid it

titanium lipstick

maybe that did it

cause all i remember

you seemed futuristic

that's all i remember

so futuristic

so futuristic

it wasn't your posture

i think you seemed timid

it wasn't your sneakers

they never quite fit it

it wasn't your car

or the speed that you drive it

it wasn't your haircut

or they way that you styled it

still all i remember

you seemed furutistic

you'd stolen my heart

so futuristic

and now we're together

just how i wished it

together forever

so futuristic

so futuristic

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