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Artist: Gabrielle
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Song Title: Inside Your Head
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i'd like to get inside your head
i'd like to get to know you better
a full understanding is what i'm after
tell me will i ever

would you share what's on your mind
even at those times
when you seem so far so far away
or will you still keep me at a distance
when i'm here to listen
and i won't turn away

you don't wanna talk about why
why your world is upside down
so when you're ready i'll be here
it's you and your life i want to share

i want to know got to know
will we ever meet will you come to me
will there ever be a day
when you choose to come to me come to me

you can have all the time
you can ever need
i won't rush you baby
for you i'll be patient
waiting in anticipation

for you there's been many changes
in your life that you've been making
changes for the better
changes better late than never

let me be the one you turn to baby
be the one you tell your thoughts to
let me be the one that you reach for
i really couldn't ask for more
i couldn't ask for more no no

let me be the one
the one and only one
be the one you trust
be the one you love

let me be the one
get to know you well
baby who will know
only time will tell

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