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Artist: Ghetto Twinz
Song Title: No Pain No Gain
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Mamma told me there be days like this you have to be bout your hustle if you
plan to get rich it always take a nobody to bring you down and it always take a
somebody to stand their ground have mercy on our kids today have mercy
surviving nd trying to make a way the killers got me packin heat I can't trust
them why you wanna capture me straight buckin there's always gonna be pain in
life, I ain't sayin it's gonna be easy, you got to gain some strength, just
because I'm from the ghetto it's even harder,I gotta be strong bustin my a$$ for
my son and daughter, don't call me a lie cause I'm livin proof, slangin drugs,
yes I use to, bust slugs if I have to, so don't tell me what you can't do or
won't do, just keep your head up and stay true
(chorus) No pain, (no pain) No gain (no gain) Repeat 3x's could be a cook in the
kitchen, a lady on the streets, you can't show your peeps every guy you meet,
it's alright to be a little sweet but be a momma to them kids and you know what in the
sheets (repeat chorus 2x's)
Sister I know it's kind hard cause every day you gotta be strong being both
momma and daddy tryn to hustle now, any way you can just to bring home the
bacon, baby daddy fakin and keepin your head achin, takin sh*t on the job payin
$4.65 and now we feelin like slaves cause the white man still holds the powerbut
your strength will devour soon, remember that,because we're Gods children,
strong, fearless and black,fact remain it's still harder than a muther f*cker,
Lord how long are they gonna try to keep our children under, don't sit and
wonder, pull yourself up and stand firm, cause every bit of pain taken is a
lesson learned, you've earned the right to be a queen girl, so take your thrown,
and if your man is good then be his back bone, we're strong as Noah's arch we're
gonna make it through the rain again, I know it seems bad, but we gonna laugh after the pain again (chorus) repeat 2x's
Out there stugglin and strivin, got me screamin for help, ain't nobody givin me
sh*t, gotta get myself, got my back against the wall, got me survivin it, can't
run, can't hide in the mist of the sh*t, who you gonna call when your kids get
hungry, not baby daddy, he left you lonely, only God know the pain that we fight
inside, don't you cry dry your eyes either do or die, momma made us strong women
gotta stay strong women, and bets believe we gonna make it through the storm
women, never let them see you sweat if your under pressure, pressure must bite
so don't let them stress you, don't let them get the best of you, cause if they
do it's gonna get the best of you, so keep true even though we fightin against
the world precious like a pearl, got me screain f*ck the world
(chorus) repeat 3x's

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