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Artist: Graham Nash
Song Title: Man In The Mirror
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by Graham Nash

On the end of a tight rope

I'm over the town

I'd be good in a circus

But so would a clown

>From the way that I feel

All my hang-ups are down

In the middle of nowhere

I found me a tree

And the fruit that we live on

Reminds me of me

Though we live in the air

I'm not sure that we're free

And I don't really have much to say

`Cause I'm Living from day to day


And I don't care what the people say

`Cause if everyone know the way we're nowhere.

Two & two make four

They never make five

And as long as we know it

We all can survive

Make sure that the things you do

Keep us alive

And I don't really have much to say

`Cause I've living from day to day


And I don't care what the people say

`Cause if everyone knows the way we're nowhere.

Is the image I'm making

The image I see

When the man in the mirror

Is talking to me

Drums:Johnny Barbata

Bass:Chris Ethridge

Piano:Joe Yankee

Steel Guitar:Jerry Garcia

Vocal & Acoustic Guitar:Graham Nash

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