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Artist: Graham Parker
Graham Parker Author
Song Title: Daddys a Postman
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E Asus4 A 4 times

E Asus4 A E Asus4 A
We wake up every morning Rush downstairs to the car
E Asus4 A E Asus4 A
Jump inside it with mummy Her eyes are shining like stars
E Asus4 A E Asus4 A
The sun's like something that God sent The air's as fresh as our clothes
E Asus4 A E Asus4 A
We're going to the golden arches Our life's so perfect it glows
E Esus4 E Esus4
And everything's fine Everything's fine

E A Asus4 A
Daddy's a postman Daddy's a postman
E A Asus4 A
Daddy's a postman Daddy's a postman (REPEAT INTRO)

When we are old We won't have poverty or destitution
We will be able to Afford a nursing home or an institution
E Asus4 A
And Daddy's a postman (3 times)

E Asus4 A E Asus4 A
Black skin white picket fences Jewels we bought for a dime
E Asus4 A E Asus4 A
When I came to my senses The golden arches were mine
E Esus4 E Esus4
And everything's fine Everything's fine

E A Asus4 A
Daddy's a postman Daddy's a postman

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