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Artist: Hammet Melanie
Song Title: Can I Call Your Heart a Home
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another hour in another day
i speak in all directions what i think they want to hear me say
another day becomes a lost and lonely night
and i don't understand why nothing feels right
then a voice comes echoing in - into the dark and then
the voice echoes in my head
and these are the words it said -
why don't you put down your guard
why must it be so hard
to have a little faith in me, have a little faith in me
another black night becomes another grey dawn
i'm waking with the feeling i've already done something wrong
trials and errors 'til i make it home again
and i'm feeling my resistance wearing paper thin
(then a voice)
i hear the words - i get out of bed
i can't sleep with all this noise in my head
i find my feet leading me down the hall
where i stop - look in the mirror - hanging on the wall
then i recognize the voice i'm giving myself a choice
more trust - a little less doubt
is all i've been talking about - talking to myself about
why don't i put down my guard
why must i make it so hard
to have a little faith in me?

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