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Artist: Happy Campers
Song Title: Bitches Aint Shit
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The Pursuit of happiness is in great demand
Immigrants run across the border to escape thier homeland
they want to be like you and me, to be free
You want them out, want armed guards on the borders
You're already in now you want restraining orders.
You won't let them be like you and me, to be free
Lazer Turrets, electronic fence, and a moat
Send the ships to sink refugee boats
Lock the door and swallow the key make the standard of living
better for you and me.
We all were lucky, were born here by chance
grew up listening to the same ol song and dance
this is the land of oppurtunity
Ha, think again you're rules don't apply to all those people
born on the other side of hte borderline
Hey but you're doin' fine
A man with dreams of a better day
when he can make the hunger pangs of his childen go away,
sneaks across the border gets a job, finally has a reason to believe
a truck ride home in shackles is what he recieves
If the choices to make all were mine
we'd be livin in a world
without a single borderline.

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