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Artist: Happy Campers
Song Title: Voices
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Welcome to the USA ,we're still number one
but we're waiting to explode just like a loaded gun
land of the free, home of the brave
but every other child ends up in an early grave
the children are the future
so they say
but the parents had a party
and now the kids must pay
The worlds last superpower
falling to it's darkest hour
Welcome to the USA, we're slippin through the cracks
walkin' on a mountain of the old folks broken backs
they did thier time, they fought our wars
but now they are no use to us, so it's time to close the doors
Peace and Harmony are just a dream
our own damn government can't work as a team
Republicans and Democrats, in a constant fight
it's not what's best for us, it's who's wrong or right
World's Last Superpower,
falling to it's darkest hour
Races divided, religions collided
youth neglected, ideas rejected
beliefs conflicted, to hate we're all addicted
no one wants to get involved
and still nothings solved
Welcome to the USA, now kindly turn around
we got our own problems, you'll only bring us down
give me your tired, give me your poor
the statue may have stood for something,but not anymore
Hey there Mr. Living in a Box, how do u do?
it's a shame our criminals in jail live better than you
the rich don't like to share thier money, it makes them mad
so if your starving kid needs health care, it's too damn bad.

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