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Artist: Head East
Song Title: If You Knew Me Better
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Do you think, that I'm thinkin' about you, ev'ry minute of the day

Do you think I'm cruisin around, runnin' my life away

Do you think I forgot you, wish that we never met,

Do you think that I'm wishin' that I was one man, you never forget,

Do you think I'm trouble, after all I can get

Do you think I'm the sweetest most wonderful man that you ever met

Do you wanna be near me, do you wish I'd stay away

If they shot me tomorrow, would you wish that they shot me today


If you knew me better, would there be any cause would we be lovers or friends, or would you want me at all

whole world between us build to big up a wall

I wish that you knew me better, or didn't know me at all


Do you think that I love you, do you think I'm allright

Do you think that I'm lieing around thinkin' 'bout you every night

Maybe you think I'm crazy, and maybe you're right

I think I quiet be a sinner, I wish that you knew me better

Chorus: (2x)

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