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Artist: Heavy D The Boyz
Song Title: Chunky But Funky (Remix)
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[ VERSE 1: Heavy D ]

Poetically inclined, put in good order

I keep a party filled like a bucket of water

When Heavy's in the house, all the girls go crazy

Fellas that are jealous say, "Man, you amaze me!"

But all you need is the secret I keep

You grab a girl, gain some weight so she can squeeze the beat

Say "Hey good lookin" with the sweetest position

"Get inside the car so I can crank the ignition

You got some trouble, I handle him fo' ya

We cruise around in my BMW"

You got to have the voice to make the people jumpy

I'm proud to say I got it this way, I'm chunky but funky

[ VERSE 2: Heavy D ]

Man, I stand as a man, mixin music with noise

And every show that I go I bring along (The Boyz)

I'm 6 foot 2, a half a inch from 3

Don't need to tease, come on and squeeze MC Heavy D

Because I love to party, stronger than Bacardi

Walk down the street, I don't need a body-guardy

Eddie F is rippin, The Boyz are hop-hippin

My mind designs the rhyme, Heavy D, I do the lippin

Once I get ready my rhymes remain steady

Of course I get support from the crowd.. (Go Heavy!)

I demand of opposition, get ready to fly

I keep you dwellin till you ask me why

I'm chunky but funky

I am chunky but funky

[ VERSE 3: Heavy D ]

Strong like an ox, sly and slick like a fox

Takin all MC's, knock em out the box

I'm an overweight lover, got loots and cute

Take a girlie to the crib and knock all the boots

I'm strengthly stronger, I can last longer

Perfectly pleasin party people performer

Cold gettin paid is the way I live

You said I'm wack (sit down) you know what time it is

Suckers bow down to the rhymes I wrote

All you ducks on dope is good enough to smoke

It's guaranteed like Bruce Lee to kick the party alive

When I enter the club elders run and hide

>From this overweight attractive, hold the crowd captive

On the microphone I'm so damn active

MC Heavy D poetically jammin

To this beat that you keep demandin

Rhymes and more, cause you came for

The Overweight Lover, raw to the core

Designin and rhymin, flyin and climbin

To the top where stars are shinin

Beat conductor, rhyme constructor

Like sandpaper, but a whole lot rougher

Voice so smooth to keep the people jumpy

Yo Boyz (yo) tell em what I am: (he's chunky but funky)

[ VERSE 4: Heavy D ]

The gear that I wear is perfectly fitted

Rappin is my life and to it I am committed

Poetically inclined as a master with the rhyme

Like a typical word I'm hard to define

When I'm on the tape people stop at attention

Stuck like a truck in the mud when I mention

Things in a rhyme that they can't find

Jump up from the seat, run to the rewind

Button and press just to make sure

Call all your boys and they want more

You all agree that the jam's not sloppy

The crowd be up and say (yo, can we get jumpy?)

I'm chunky but funky

(He's chunky but funky)

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