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Artist: HED P.E.
HED P.E. Author
Album: The Best of (Hed) Planet Earth (2006)
HED P.E. - The Best of (Hed) Planet Earth Album
Song Title: KEN 2012
Genre: Rock
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you see me running but you don't know what
i'm running from
my own weakness
come on i've got to speak this truth
When I'm losin my direction
i run that self-inspection I learn my lessons well
Yo I fell hard you see me gettin up
i'm fucking up adversity
in a temporary state of clarity
Hmmm, life is a parody, paradox
enigma I shed that skin with the stigma
roll on to the next day
confusin all my critics with these topics
various versatile, universal satirical
analytical, personal, political
you cynical MC's, you can't see these ryhmes
comin' with reason, my eyes are open wide
the havenots keep hopin'
my words are spoken
the chosen will someday be broken
and see how their gods have all fallen
you don't understand why it's so damn easy
can't understand why it's so fuckin easy
So how you like it like it now
Yeah yeah right, whatever, whatever
Well Mr. Fucking know-it-all, he got all the answers
Knows all about the "industry", he ain't shit to me
I got skills yo I'm the contenderI. ll rock your party til
the motherfuckin roof come in
Yeah, it's on fire burn like that pussy in da morning
had all night to simmer
Young girl wake up, the dick be in her, already
I was fuckin when she had her first barbie
Easy bake oven, she was pissin in her panties
Ain't shit she can do that ain't been done
ain't nothin wrong with you girl
I ain't the one...
Yeah come on, but you can. tunder
stand why it's so damn easy
can't understand why it's so fuckin easy
So how you like it like it now
you can't understand why it's so damn easy
can't understand why it. s so fuckin easy
you can't understand why, why, why.-aca

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