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Artist: Hegemon
Song Title: My Breath As A Blade
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Through centuries
I stalk the dark paths
Of humanity
To burn it soul
I am revenge
Onto the light worshippers
I am impious
For all believers
Bow to your knees
And pray for mercy
You'll taste the cold
Of my fiery steel
My breath as a blade
Is the only known way
To eradicate
All those that my heart hates!
Fire, blood and steel!
Are my only pleasures.
Spilling your blood
On the soil
Of my kingdom
There's no hope
For you to see
One last time
Heavenly fields...
When you're in my sight
There's nowhere to escape
You can hide in your light
I will kill you the same
My hatred makes me live
With the fears I create
The new order I seek
Beyond chaos supreme!
I am revenge
Onto the light worshippers
I am impious
For all believers
Time has come for you to say
Your last prayer and face my wrath...
Through centuries
I stalk the dark paths
Of humanity
To burn and devour it soul
As a vulture
I fly over you
Weakness, your God!
It's time to burn it all.

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