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Artist: Hegemon
Song Title: Stigmata
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Father, my faith for you is unbounded
Master, I am your dominion
Father, for thee
I accept to wear these chains
Master, I feel this pain but tell me why...
Why am I so scared
Don't let the light take you
What are these marks on my flesh
Don't let the light freeze you
Father, your faith for me is sign of life
Master, I am but a doll,
Demons wrapped in white or are they angels?
Angels, soldiers of god in a black robe?
I will bleed a thousand years,
Domination is my fear
Blasphemy no more to hear
I will wear the marks of God...
Marching onwards to Golgotha
Spreading lies among the feeble sheep
And witnessing their misery drowning
In worshipping a fake idol
Bleeding to obtain their redemption
Obeying to laws no one dare to brave
And sinking in a total dismay
In the name of God
Rise with me
I will bleed a thousand years,
Domination is my fear
Blasphemy no more to hear
I will wear the marks of God...

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