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Artist: Heinz Winckler
Heinz Winckler Author
Album: One Step Closer (2003)
Heinz Winckler - One Step Closer Album
Song Title: Never Got Over You
Genre: Rock
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If I quote you a line from a Miramax movie
Would you unpack maybe come back to me
Trade all things and get something better
Could we have a future together
No one else feels the same
Nothing takes away the pain
Baby, you know its true

If I dont know what to do
Its cause I never got over you
And the days are getting harder to take
And theres nothing else to say
But I want you back
Cause I never got over you

If I serenated you at your window
With no coat in the middle of winter
Said I was sorry a thousand times
Cant you see that I was blind
No one else feels the same
Nothing takes away the pain
Baby you know its true


Its been another day lost
You know Id never give up
Til I get back to you
You know what you mean to me
I dont wanna be the enemy
Baby, you know its true


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