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Artist: Hikaru Utada
Song Title: Automatic
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I can't help but feel alive.......

You pick up the phone on the seventh ring
Even if I don't say my name
You know who it is by my voice

The melody that falls naturally from my lips
But I was most happy when I lost my words
Even on days when I have problems

When I see you, they all fly away
On my rainy days, when I can't see you
Just by hearing your voice, automatically the sun will shine

It's automatic, just by being by your side
Just by you looking at me with those eyes
The excitement won't stop
I can't say no
I just can't help it

It's automatic, when I'm held by you
It seems like we're in paradise
Shining brightly
I close my eyes and soon I feel so good
It's automatic

Your ambiguous attitude still makes me uneasy
So being this infatuated with you
Is still necessary for a while

Even on the days when your kindness was hard to bear
You always told the truth
On rainy days whe I can't cry alone
If I touch my ring, look, the sun will shine

It's automatic, just by being by your side
My whole body gets warm
I can't hide my excitement
I can't even take a breath
I just can't help it

It's automatic
When I access it
I try to touch the glittering words
Inside the computer screen and I feel so warm

It's automatic, just by being by your side
I don't think you're beloved, just necessary
It's not because I'm sad
I just need you

It's automatic, when I'm held by you
It seems like we're in paradise
Shining brightly
I feel so good
It's automatic...

I just want you here with me
Tell me why
It's automatic

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