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Artist: Ice Vanilla
Ice Vanilla Author
Album: To The Extreme (1990)
Ice Vanilla - To The Extreme Album
Song Title: Hooked
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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1 2 3 4 Hit it, hit it

Yea -- Here's a story 'bout my homeboy Randy
He was hooked on a girl named Candy
Started off as sex for fun
Now the girl's got him on the run.

Made love to her just one time
Now she runs his body and mind
He calls everyday on the phone
But Baby's playin' games
Leave a message at the tone
Soft and gentle is not her style
This girl is so damn wild.
All my partners wanna get next to her
But she ain't down with that
She moves right through 'em
Yea, like paper plates
Tears 'em up and she throws 'em away.
If you had any guts today
You'd get your butt up and you'd walk away.
But you're hooked, Hooked
Know what I'm sayin', You're hooked, Hooked.

Yo, get tough was your new campaign
Cryin' over a girl, boy, you're insane.
She treats you like a dirty diaper
Use you one time and then she wipes you out
You understand what I'm sayin'?
If you're a man, you'll stop delaying and betraying
Try to act like you were mack
You can't go an hour without that sex attack.

What's wrong, boy, is it that good?
There's a lot of girls that ould and could
Take you, but you're so damn weak
I think you need to see professional help
for your problems
Lay on the couch and let the Dr. solve 'em
Talkin' to you and now he took your money
You're took on that honey, you're hooked
Hooked, Hooked

Fellas, you know what I'm sayin', He's hooked
Ain't got an ounce of mack in him, He's hooked.

Yeah, Baby, run you, she takes your money
While you'll kick back cryin' over honey
Now, I must admit she's fly
But I'll be damned if oh me oh my
If I ever let a girl run my thing
I'm poppin' it the most, You know what I'm sayin'?
So understand, you gotta be real hard
Don't treat her like a dog, But let her know.

You'll pull her card if she ever gets outta hand
What is you a boy or a man?
Stand up and tell BAby you ain't gonna be shook --
Yo punk, you're hooked on that sssy
I don't know why
I don't stand by and just let a girl, run over me
Fool -- I'm a man. Can't you see boy, You're hooked.

Yeah -- you're hooked, Might as well give her to me man
Let me do the wile thing, You're hooked
Shoot, I'm poppin' it man, You're hooked.

Let me talk to you for second. So, what's up, Vanilla?
Yo, man. Come here man. What?
You know, man, you ain't doin' it right. You're off man.

See, you know what the problem is?
That ring I bought her. The diamonds weren't big enough.
I'm tellin' ya' -- the diamonds weren't...I'm goin'...You know
what she wants...I'm goin' tell ya'...No man, when I first
met her she said she wanted a 'Vette. I'm gonna' get her a
'Vette. No man, no...a 'Vette...I'm gonna get her the
'Vette. No man, hey, wait up.

Now it's Saturday, the day you hate most.
Why, because from coast to coast
You see girls everday in the club, Cold kickin' it
Reminds you of Baby when you used to be, with it
But now she took you one time for sex and you're so sprung
that the next time she seen you we knew she had to leave you.
Boy, you're hooked.

Boy, you're hooked, Hooked Hooked

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