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Artist: Icon And The Black Roses
Icon And The Black Roses Author
Album: Sharp (2004)
Icon And The Black Roses - Sharp Album
Song Title: Sweetest Emptiness Of Love
Genre: Rock
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It?s a crime to take all the treasures that I?ve kept
The lock to my chest now is broken
An hypnotizing stain
that drinfts between our souls and melts away
Of an extraordinary colour
Brought by cold metal on skin

It?s the sweetest emptiness of love
A bitter poison is everything that I?ve become
And every single tear I owned has run dry on this face
Now that you are gone

I lived enough to know all the reasons why you left
I feel the ending now is coming
I?ve made a deal with death
And she gives me happy memories of you
that take me to amazing horrors
Drains my strength and breath

There is nothing to find, nothing behind,
Only the ashes of me and you
And some cold raindrops wash us from the floor

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