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Artist: II Tru
Song Title: Shyste
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[Hook: Jhaz]

Shyste niggas be tryin' to fade me

Nope, I don't


Niggas be tryin' to test us

Don't wanna see this here showdown

Shyste niggas be trying to fade me


Shyste niggas be tryin' to fade me

Nope I don't

And with this bullshit I cannot cope

You played me once too many times, and it's over with

Dumb trick shit, I can't stand a shyste bitch

But anyway, let's take this into deeper visions

A nigga quick to play ya, is shyste's definition

Better watch your back, 'cause shyste ones have many faces

Buck quick shyste bitch ain't go no love for them aces

And a nigga bring it on 'cause I got plenty of bangin'

That's the cut to (pay me back up), so you knows I don't give a fuck

But, shit, as sista' down for whatever

But shystiness just gets to me - a fuckin' mental terror

Clearer are my visions, shyste ones I see right through you

On my Ps and Qs, plus I'm immune to your voodoo

Fool, you cannot handle me, tell me how did you figure?

Straight from the Clair, in here with Cliffview, on the topic of shyste niggas


Shyste nigga you figured you could fade me

Cluckas that try to test underestimate a thorough lady up in this game

'Cause I done struggled in these streets

Done had too many chumps going against the grain

Tryin' to compete, playa hate in my hood, runnin' they mouth like bitches

All these smiling faces that's doubtin' the camp

Well, figures, wanna be obstacles

But couldn't stop us, from hittin' them levels

Shyste fools gon' dis you, no matter if you do better, I'm a go-getter

Don't let no bustas stop no show

Sista gon' do her thang, gon' run game, and stack some dough

Pack the chrome pump, sister strapped at all times

Ain't no gangsta comin' off shady gon' make me handle mine



Now check this nigga with a mouthpiece, undercover shyste bitch

Although you claim to be down

I find you only stick and dig trick with game

But eventually, all become recognized

Eighty-six a bitch who a shyste one, best break up all ties

Got no remorse, breakin' 'em off, puttin' an end to all this

You see my mind begins to click

When a shyste one's in my presence

Insane, I think not, as a matter of fact I got much that's on that other level

I done peeped all of your shystiness come to mentals

The cards on the table, your hands be ? as you envision the game

But bitch you fucked with them pros

I got my nina, Brina hollerin', so you know I got my gauge

Caught up in the game so it ain't shit for a sista to flip anyway

I'm steady ? blastin' ass

Come on over with your crew

Got clips for days, and I'm high ?

Sistas don't give a fuck about you

So bring whatever, clever you think your plan may be

My mentals way too tight, and I hate a nigga that's shyste



Tryin' to fade a sista, they got hard-game, playa

You must didn't catch the ? then think back to verse one

Son, 'cause all games ain't the same when ya

Tryin' to run up in a nigga for digital figures

Thinkin' you gettin' (over unnoticed, undercover gold-digger)

Shyste moves prove your hands can't be trusted for nothin'

So let's stop frontin', ? this ain't for blood

'Cause we start ? turn in your ho-cards, since damage is done

Best believe they don't how to, son, better off on the run them ho-cards

I don't deal, when shakin' your hand is a must

Fool, tryin' to play games with this pay, to get paid you'll get schooled

On the real, chill them shyste-type skills before me come thrashin'

Too late to be askin' for the second chance

'Gon see the life flashin' for being shyste

Gettin' a little too pricey to stay calm

'Cause you should've left thangs hang the way they was, but you chose not to

So I gots to pull back my trigger finger

Because me really don't give a fuck about a shyste nigga


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