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Artist: Illegal
Song Title: We Getz Buzy
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f/ Erick Sermon


Yo, check it out

Coming right back at you

with another slamming hit

Illegal in the motherfuckin house

With Erick Sermon, takin over in the 90's, youknowhatI'msayin?

E-Double on the solo tip

and this how we gonna do it

We gettin buzy on this track

Aiyyo, check it

Do ya like this

Malik'll play the lawnmover, and Kris'll play the grass

I just ate MC's, cause why?ABC whipped!

Illegal cuts that ass, the way that I will punch you

wouldn't think I was a kid G, that's why I took the time out

to say that I gets buzy, like Dizzy, Gillespie

So suckers stretch your eyes, but you still couldn't see me

Now, skippidy-doo-dah, di-di-di da-di-day

I don't need no permission, I still come out and play

To Uncle Sam I say, "Scram!"Say my numbers aren't enough

but to get wreck with the army, all I have to be is rough

and tough, and no need to lie about my age

Just get fly with my tongue, and go on a rampage

I'm going off, because it's Little Malik

And no sucker, it's not all about maturity

Now if you want beef, fuck it, cause a fuss

And no, little kids, this ain't nothin for Da Youngsta's

Ya can't even see me

It's no relation, so we can't run in the family

Yeah, and I'm still the boss

Cause I'm a straight up nigga, ain't nothin bout me Kris Kross...

... you little rejects

I have the intellect to get respect, I'm gettin wreck

Don't even try to scam, because you're no threat to me

Can't rate ya, who rhymes, sellin Jermaine's life stories

Chorus: (*repeats in background*

"For all of y'all, keepin y'all in health" --> Slick Rick)

I getz buzy

I getz buzy on this track, cause I getz buzy

Malik getz buzy on this track, cause I getz buzy

Malik getz buzy on this track, cause I getz buzy

Malik getz buzy on this track


I getz buzy with my shit, you shouldn't shoulda fucked with me

I'm not a ordinary kid it's the Illegal shit G

And with Malik, my shit'll be pumpin, you're punkin

You step out ?like the fuck in it? just like a pumpkin

Swingin bolos, and buckin buckshots

So when you look in the mirror, it be Illegal on your knots

So my advice to you is fade, stay out my way

Cause I'm a young bull on a rampage, I don't play

Jam that was a dopefiend, my rhymes and crews are fat

Check out my ryhmes, and now check my gat

because I'm always strapped pack with a loaded rhyme

And steppin niggaz get knocked off, from here to Zimbabwe, out

Cause I ain't havin that shit, in ninety-three

Cause if you fuck with this shit, you gotta fuck with Malik, uh-huh

You call me pussy, come and play you get fucked

But if your bitches is burned, I call her shit out of luck

Chorus: (*repeats in background*

"For all of y'all, keepin y'all in health" --> Slick Rick)

I getz buzy y'all

Jamal getz buzy on this track, I getz buzy

I getz buzy on this track, Jamal getz buzy

I getz buzy on this track, I getz buzy

Jamal getz buzy on this track

[Erick Sermon]

Ahhhhh, make me wanna holla ("RRAAAAAOOWWW!") scream like Busta

And get down, get down, from 'You a Customer'

Cocaine hit, E-Double the shit, yo

I'm swifter than Flash when I'll be cracking that black ass

Like this, my style's mackadocious

and rumpshaking, like the bumba claat Jamaican

Who can see me?My rap format is cock diezel

when I be rockin with Illegal

It Smells Like Teen Spirit, but not Nirvana's

It's real hip-hop music, like Afrika Bambaata's

So step off, heeyyyyyyy, heyyyyyyy

Yo it's the E-R-I-C-K yo...

Chorus: (*repeats in background*

"For all of y'all, keepin y'all in health" --> Slick Rick)

I'm gettin buzy y'all

I'm gettin buzy on this track, I getz buzy

Erick getz buzy on this track, I getz buzy

Erick getz buzy on this track, I getz buzy

Erick getz buzy on this track

[shoutouts by Illegal to fade]

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