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Artist: Immature F/ Bizzy Bone
Song Title: Give Up The Ghost
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Bizzy - That's right, that's right. LDB.
LDB - What's happenin'?
Bizzy - Romeo.
Romeo - What's up?
Bizzy - Batman.
Batman - Yo yo Bizzy.
Bizzy - That's right.
Romeo - Let it go.
Bizzy - What? What?

Let me remind ya about how
Shouldn't have murdered
But an eye for an eye
Goin' and killin' you soon will die, my
Sendin' you to the Lord because nobody wants to worry ya, serve ya
Everyday seems shorter, and murder gonna search for ya

As I walk cross the road, across the road (across the road)
I just think about my life
How I grow up (how I grow up)
And I think about the things that people do
And I guess they can't go to public school
And I see just how this world has been ruined (has been ruined)
But what can we do, what can we do (What can we do)
But what can we do, what can we do (What can we do)
Peace at the end of the road is where we are

From coast to coast to give up the ghost(8x)

Search and search, you'll never return
Better not use my name in vain
And the children are our future
To the teachers, maintain
Rule two, thou shall not steal
But I did, and I will, especially for my babies
My Mother pay my bills
And then my wheelchair
I get too old for those reel
Who done gave me free meals
And they don't see me make mill
And until the deal, we'll keep rolling
Fillin' it up with granite
From the east to the west of the planet
Better pay attention to the Ten Commandments


Everybody that's confused just hear me out
From coast to coast, from coast to coast, give up the ghost
All our homies really don't know just what to do
Cuz there's a coffin over there waitin' for you
Downloading all the info from your mind
When your soul has gone, we will find
Peace at the end of the world is where we are


Understand it if you can
You standin in my way
So peace out to the murdered family
But it ain't really none of your business
Say a Prayer, pray
Get on your knees and you pray
Everyday you pray, and stay away
No matter what no one else say


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