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Artist: IMx
Song Title: Stay The Night
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Ooh ooh baby
Immature's back back back
Ooh ooh baby baby ooh ooh baby
Romeo LBD and Bat
You wanna get with me tonight

(Verse 1)
Baby tryin' me givin' me... all your love
I will never do you wrong
Baby won't you let down your guard
Then maybe we can go real far

Ooh ooh baby
Say you wanna stay the night
You know you got a brother high
I'll come and pick you up in my ride
Ooh ooh baby baby
Ooh ooh baby
Say you wanna stay the night
You wanna get with me tonight
I'll come and pick you up in my ride
Ooh ooh baby baby

(Verse 2)
Baby, I'll be there to get you, around one
So we can go chill and have some fun
Baby, let's cuddle, 'til the sun comes up
And baby, you know that I love you so much


(Rap by Romeo)
One, two, three, get down like that
You didn't know? Well understand
We can move from the front to the back
Watch me make you feel like that
Make the moves, you don't like the rules
Take no fools, if that's cool
Romeo, I never lose
With the girls I choose

Immature's back back back
Throw your hands in the sky
Do you think we're tight?
Hey ladies
Do you think we're...
Immature's back, back, back
Throw your hands in the sky
Hey girls
Do you think we're tight?
Oh baby

(Chorus/Fade Out

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