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Artist: Indra
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Song Title: Hearts On Fire
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Hearts on fire
Can you feel it deep inside
You're my desire
We're dancing all the night
Oh hearts on fire
And I can't get enough
You are my everything, everything

In the sky, the stars are shining bright
Forever I wanna hold you tight
Every step and every move you make
I'm by your side and feel alright
Can you read the message in the sky
I never wanna say goodbye
By your eyes, I'm feeling hypnotized
And all dreams, my dreams come true

Hearts on fire
Hearts on fire, you are my everything, everything

Can you hear the voice from deep inside
Together we are............... tonight
On the beach, we're dancing all around
We're on the gate to paradise
Let me see your smile upon your face
It's giving me a warm embrace
There's no need to promise me the world
A love like this should never end

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