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Artist: Iniquity
Iniquity Author
Song Title: Border Into Shadow
Genre: Rock
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Viral affliction racing in my veins
Bloated heart pumps black clotted blood
Swirling darkness is all I see
Living death sustained through chemotherapy

Supine and shrunken, outshined by disease
As shadows weave athwart my eyes
Grim destiny flails perniciously
Rot away in languished dormancy

As I border into shadow
Supine and shrunken, outshined by disease
As shadows weave athwart my eyes
Grim destiny flails perniciously
Rot away in languished dormancy

Eyes drown in the seas of the past
Forgotten lore of surviving time
Spine on the verge of permanent collapse
Left to die in desolation
Skin contracts with desperation
Eyes gaze fiercely into death
Succumb to the struggle for breath

Dead mouth, dry and cold
Face decayed as cancer unfolds
Sight blurred by contagious flow
The veins inert, livor mortified glow

Intubations and nasal piping squeaks
Gastric spew meets the teeth, frothy flow
Ballistic heart is counting down as pupils peak
Seizure turns into convulsive vertigo

Battle tires out
As cancer eats away
Chronic illness swallows up
Slow release from the bones decay
Mind's a turmoil
Inside a cankered husk
Losing the grip
Transcend into dusk

Supine and shrunken, outshined by disease
As shadows weave athwart my eyes
Grim destiny flails in victory
Rot away in languished dormancy

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