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Artist: Inkubus Sukkubus
Inkubus Sukkubus Author
Song Title: Prince of Shadows
Genre: Rock
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Your life, so much sorrow
Let me take one moment of your pain
You have died a million times over
Who would comprehend the mistery of lifes game
So come, lets share of lifes treasures
Well live a life of passion undisturbed by shame
What you require, I offer with pleasure
Lets fall laughing, tumbling in vermillion rain

Come into my life
My Prince of Shadows

My heart shall know of no other
Within your arms I feel strangely serene
All those lives youve seen rise, mature and die
Who else could say that theyve seen the sights youve seen
The world shall show us such wonders
Ill cast my act into the Sea of Dreams
And so, my love, I give you my life blood
And disregard the hollow life thats been

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