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Artist: Innervoices
Song Title: Baby Girl
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There r tymz wen i look
in ur eyez i c the luv dat we shared
i c the joy inside
but i didnt c the feelinz u hide n now
ur sayin goodbye coz ur feelin has died

and all i can think about is you
the way say u love me too.
and every time i close my i
c ur face,
my love can never b erased
and you can neva b replaced baby..

Baby girl y dont u cum bk 2 me y dont u love me any more
baby girl you know i stil care for u noe that il love u forever more.

there r tymz wen i kiss u good nite
i c the love we shared
i c the joy inside
bt i didnt c what u tried to hide n now ur
sayin good-bye coz ur feeling has died...

and all i can think about it u
and the way u say u love me too..
and every tym i close my eyes i c ur face,
my love can neva b erased n u can
never be replaced, baby

*Chourus*- repeat til the end

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