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Artist: Insidious Frustration
Song Title: Take On The World
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Sit alone at home
Old memories alone
Why did you have to leave me
What am I supposed to be

Perplexing thoughts of old and new
It's simple just have to choose
Sometimes I won't even bother
We can all be one together

This is a lone statement
It's so hard to go it alone
Find someone to be with
Take on the world as it should be

My thoughts have run from heaven to hell
What to make of them it's hard to tell
Someone should come help me foresee
The truth in all of life's mysteries

We'll take on all the world as one
We will show everyone what we have done
This life will unfold
We will take on the world

And this day we'll overcome
The past and future as one
I'll comfort you in the freezing cold
We'll take on the world

This is a lone statement
It's so hard to go it alone
Find someone to be with
Take on the world as it should be

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