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Artist: Invocation Of Nehek
Song Title: The Decay
Genre: Alternative
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Tonight I let loose the dove

In futile hopes of its return

Watch bleeding feathers and flags unfurl

Free with the breeze that burns me

I know that I pushed you to fall apart

These eyes are blackened now to what is real

Someday I'll touch you with my heart

This prosthetic heart has broken itself

Torn in string and letting loose all it had

This shell can only contain its screams for so long

Blackened brow, blood as oil to burn

Boiling over to fuel this loss

These eyes are black and blue and imprinted with you face

An image I will never forget

Today I will staple myself back together

With black hair stitches I will be whole again

And on that day the madman will raise his eyes

Staring at me with a tear and a laugh

The oldest of phrases falls from his parted lips...

"I told you so..."

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